About Sylvie Moncion Life Coach

In her own words

What led you to become a life coach?

“No one supported me in the accomplishment of my dreams and goals. My parents did the best they could raising me, but I was pretty much left to figure things out alone. Though I developed firm self-reliance, there are many times in my life when a coach would have made an enormous difference; I struggled so much and failed many times. Even when I reached goals, it often turned out to be something not worth pursuing. That feeling of having invested time, money, and so much effort to accomplish something only to find out it was not worth it, is gut-wrenching. If I can help others never feel like that and better identify goals worth pursuing, I will have accomplished a lot!

I first experienced having a coach for myself during a leadership course at Landmark Education. That had a profound effect on me. He didn’t quit or judge me; he only supported and cheered me on. It made a world of difference. That’s when I knew I wanted to be a life coach.

After years of training and working with clients, I’m an accomplished and very talented coach. My clients get extraordinary results!”

What makes your coaching different?

“I have exceptional listening. As my client is discussing their goals, I can hear the limiting beliefs and inner blockages and bring them up. It’s challenging to do this for yourself. You can’t see your blindspots!
I trust myself, the process, and my intuition to guide the conversation where it needs to go, and it always turns out exceptionally well. It is a fantastic process, and I look forward to working with you!”

Sylvie Moncion, Life Coach and Digital Marketing Expert
Sylvie hiking mountains in Quebec

Personal Mastery

“I strongly believe in investing time, money, and resources to maintain physical, mental, and spiritual strength. So, yes, I practice what I preach!”

Here are some of the daily and weekly routines that make up my healthy lifestyle:

  • Vegan nutrition and no alcohol
  • Journaling and pendulum work
  • Yoga, HIIT cardio, and strength workouts
  • Outdoor sports activities such as hiking and snowshoeing, and biking
  • Enjoying the great variety of cultural activities Montreal has to offer
  • Attending church services

Professional Expertise of Sylvie Moncion

Life Coaching Training

Completed 2 years of intensive coaching and leadership training at Landmark Education.

Certified Rapid Results Coaching and Instant Miracle Mastery, both programs by Christian Mickelsen.

Energy Healing Workshops:

  • Theta Healing
  • Grigori Grabovoi
  • Pendulum workshops

Personal Research

Personal Research and Practice

  • Goal setting
  • Journaling
  • Emotional healing
  • The law of attraction
  • Success Mindset
  • Intuition development, and
  • Spirituality.


Bachelors in Fine Arts from Concordia University, Montreal Canada

Art History, Universite de Montreal

Graphic Design diploma from Algonquin College

Online Marketing

Over the past five years, Sylvie completed the online training programs for various tools, platforms, and services, and their inherent marketing strategies.
She is a talented website designer, SEO and paid traffic specialist, video creator, and online marketing strategist.

“How you do one thing is how you do everything.”

Sylvie Moncion

Snowsheoing through the forest


  • To help ambitious people reach unprecedented levels of success and happiness;
  • To elevate and inspire;
  • To eliminate limiting beliefs and inner barriers to success.
Cycling expedition to Oka

Core Values

  • Compassionate and respectful, no judgment
  • Extreme honesty
  • Dedication and ongoing support for the achievement of your goals
  • Strong health habits
  • Personal responsibility, owning everything